Cornerstone Public Hearing ZBA Meeting 5-26-2022

Cornerstone ZBA Interpretation legal ad 5-26-22

Patten Variance ZBA Public Hearing 5-26-2022 is cancelled

Please note that the Patten Variance application is off the 5-26-2022 ZBA Meeting Agenda.  The property owner will move the location of the proposed structure to avoid the variance. For questions, please call 845-266-5704 x 115.

Cornerstone off the PB Agenda 5-17-2022

2022-05-17 PB Meeting Revised Agenda

Cornerstone Public Hearing is rescheduled to May 17, 2022

2022-05-03 PB Meeting Revised Agenda

PB Public Hearing Notice 5-3-2022

Francois NonHosted AirBnB 17 Schoolhouse Rd 5-03-2022 Cornerstone SP PB Public Hearing continuance 5-03-22

ZBA 4-28-2022 Public Hearing Notice

Curcio variance ZBA legal ad 4-28-22 MTS Realty aka Milea variance ZBA legal ad 4-28-22

Cornerstone Site Map Public Hearing April 19, 2022

Site Plans CORNERSTONE S-1 MAR14 (1)    

Planning Board Public Hearing 4-19-2022

Shamdasani NonHosted AirBnB 246 Clinton Ave 4-19-2022   Cornerstone SP PB legal notice 4-19-22

PB Public Hearing 4-5-2022

Camp Rising Sun Site Plan for Ground Mounted SES 4-05-22

2022 Updated Fishing Regulations

2022 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Summary of Changes