Origin of Name:  Named after George Clinton, governor of New York during the Revolutionary War.

Town Historian: Craig Marshall 845-242-5879

Clinton Township, population 4,312 (2010 census) is comprised of 37.60 sq. miles and is situated in the west central part of Dutchess County.

It is bounded on the north by Rhinebeck and Milan, on the south by Pleasant Valley, on the east by Washington and Stanford, and on the west by Hyde Park.

It was named in honor of Governor George Clinton when it was formed for part of Charlotte and Rhinebeck Precincts in 1786.  It became a town in 1788 and was reduced in size on January 26, 1821, when Hyde Park and Pleasant Valley were formed from it.

It contains four buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, one of which is Upton Lake Grange (constructed by Quakers in 1777 as the Creek Meeting House).

Hamlets are: Clinton Corners, Clinton Hollow, Frost Mills, Schultzville, Pleasant Plains, Hibernia and Bullshead.


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