Transfer Station

RECYCLING/TRASH & TOWN ID STICKERS: The Town Recycling Station is open Saturdays only, 7:30 AM to 12 PM. It is operated by Welsh Sanitation on the Town Hall property, behind the Town Hall itself. A Town ID sticker is required, $10.00 for the first car and $5.00 for a second car. Seniors, over the age of 60 years, first ID sticker is free, second one is $5.00   Stickers can be obtained in the Town Clerk’s office.  Welsh Sanitation will now take all office paper, junk mail, magazines, and telephone books along with newspapers for recycling, however, cellophane windows on envelopes and metal clasps on large envelopes must be removed before recycling.”

 Trash fees are listed below –

Solid Waste & Rubbish Convenience Station

 Hours:  Saturday 7:30am to 12:00pm  – Residential use only.

Fees as of July 1, 2020

Trash, Garbage (larger than 33 gal bag) 10.00
Trash, Garbage (14-33 gal bag) 5.00
Trash, Garbage (13 gal bag) 3.00
Recyclables (plastic, aluminum, tin and glass)  Free *
Newspapers and inserts  Free *
Wooden Chair  5.00
Upholstered Chair  15.00
Recliner  20.00
Sofa  20.00
Sleeper Sofa  30.00
Twin Mattress or Boxspring  10.00
Full or Larger Mattress or Boxspring  10.00
Portable TV  15.00
Console TV  20.00
Rug (Average size 10×10, 12×12)  20.00
Hot Water Tank (30-40 Gal)  15.00
Refrigerator, Freezer (appliance with freon)  25.00
Window Air Conditioner  20.00
  All prices include sales tax
* Free only if accompanied with a bag of garbage,  otherwise $1.00 fee


     Car tire                                                     $3.50
     Pickup truck tire                                       $4.50
     Large tire (ie: dump truck, tractor tire)     $15.50