Planning Board Public Hearing Notice 8-3-2021

Krolak NonHosted STR 1579 Centre Road legal ad 8-3-2021 Merkill Site Plan and SP PB legal notice 8-3-21 Aull and Fite NonHosted STR 62 E Meadowbrook Lane legal ad 8-3-2021

ZBA Public Hearing 7-22-2021

Freisitzer variance 48 Browning Road ZBA legal ad 7-22-21 Kerr variance 367 Nine Partners ZBA legal ad 7-22-21 Kross Subdivision variance ZBA legal ad 7-22-21 Sherman variance ZBA legal ad 7-22-21

Planning Board Public Hearing 7-20-2021

Verizon Cell Tower 4G SP 90 Germond Road 7-20-2021

Optimum Service Alerts

Optimum Service Alerts In the event Optimum services are impacted by weather conditions, customers can sign up to receive service alerts via text or voice message by going to  Once confirmed, these customers will be notified when outages affect their

PB Public Hearing July 6, 2021

Demello and Clark Site Plan and SP for AD 13 MountainView PB legal notice 7-06-21 Mahoney SP 27 Shadblow Lane 7-6-2021 Wolpe NonHosted STR 150 Kansas Rd 7-6-2021

ZBA Public Hearing Notice – ZBA Meeting June 24, 2021

PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE LEGAL ADS! Mer-Kill variance 77 Rymph 6-24-21 DeMello and Clark chicken coop-garage variance 13 Mountain View 6-24-21 Woloszyn variance 150 E Cookingham 6-24-21 Freitzer variance 48 Browning Rd 6-24-21 Simon variance

ZBA Public Hearing Notice 5-27-21

Eramo 586 Clinton Hollow deck variance 5-27-2021 Edition Farm (Malloy) variance 5-27-2021 Mahoney AD variance 5-27-2021 Mer-Kill variance 77 Rymph 5-27-21 Mao Interpretation 313 Allen Road 5-27-21

Burns and Vega Nonhosted STR Public Hearing

Burns & Vega NonHosted AirBnB 468 Lake Dr 5-4-2021

ZBA Public Hearing Notice 4-22-2021

Trendell Variance 22 Grissom Place 4-22-2021 Wolfe Variance 5 Electronic Lane 4-22-2021

ZBA Public Hearing Notice 3-25-2021

DeMello and Clark Variance 13 Mountain View 3-25-2021 Rossman pool Variance 110 Mountain View Rd 3-25-2021 Zaccharia Variance 1556 Hollow Rd 3-25-2021