May 6, 2020 Hudson Valley Community Power Webinar

Clinton CCA Presentation

The Town of Clinton has entered into a contract with Joule Assets to provide renewable green electricity at a reduced cost for the electricity you use. The organization providing this service is Hudson Valley Community Power which is a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)  program. There are nine other local governments in the Mid-Hudson Valley that are also part of the  Hudson Valley Community Power. Clinton residents received a letter around April 20 with more details. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the presentation is being done only on the internet (no presentation live in Town Hall) using Webex so you’ll need a laptop computer, tablet with camera, speakers, and microphone, or a smart phone to be able to see, listen, and talk to the presenters. A regular standard desktop computer allows you to only see and listen to the live presentation. The presentation will be recorded and rebroadcast on YouTube, the Town’s scroller, and from Clinton’s web page as other meetings are done. The presentation is on Wednesday, May 6 at 7 p.m.. You must register by going to or calling 845-859-9099. You will get an e-mail reply giving you the instructions on how to join the meeting.

Additionally, the presentation will cover another benefit to allow you to join the Community Solar program where electricity is generated from solar sources to further help using green energy to supply electricity. Your benefit is to secure savings up to 10% on your annual electricity bills. There is another benefit to the Town by your joining Community Solar.  The Town will get money to help fund a sustainability project.

Both programs require no costs to you to sign up and both offer a reduction in your electricity costs. For more information about both programs, go to

Video and Power Point from this event can be found on the Town Board Videos page. 

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