Building Department

The Planning, Zoning and Building Department are all interconnected in supporting the Town Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations.

Building Department enforces all New York State and Town of Clinton Building Code Requirements in a manner to ensure the safety and stability of all structures within the town.

Building Department issues any relevant Building Permits and Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance.

Certificate of Occupancy or Title Search request:  

       You must include the name of property owner, physical address, tax ID (Grid Number) and a check in the amount of $90.00 made payable to Town of Clinton.


 - Refer to Building Permit forms packet

    NOTE: 3 Insurances (Liability, Disability and Workers’ Compensation Insurances) are a MUST.

 - Building permit process takes 2 weeks from the date of complete submission.

  -Check payable to Town of Clinton.

- Incomplete submission CANNOT be processed.

Building Forms and Information-

 (includes insurance forms)
Building Permit Application Packet

authorization form
Demolition Application

Driveway Approval
Town Fees
Final Cost of Construction/Application for CO
Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

Request for New Address Form:

Swimming Pool Requirement

Building Permits are required for all swimming pools: in ground, above ground, hot tubs, spas and the new on ground inflatable pools with a depth greater than two (2) feet.

swimming pool fence

Emerson Burger, Building Inspector
Arlene Campbell, Clerk

Office Location:
Masonic Hall Building

11:00 am to 2:00 pm Mon through Thurs.

Phone: 845-266-5704 x 115 Arlene 845-266-5704 x 104 Emerson
Fax: 266-5748

Mailing Address:
1215 Centre Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572